Nikon: XQD memory format is the future

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    Nikon interview: XQD memory card format is the future

    Nikon has affirmed its belief in the newly developed XQD memory card format, which so far is only available in its flagship DSLR, the Nikon D4.

    Many expected that the new memory card format would make it into the Nikon D800 when it was launched, however that features dual slots which take the older Compact Flash and SD cards.

    Nikon is the first manufacturer to introduce the memory card format into its cameras, with its professional level D4 camera.

    XQD was announced in December 2011 by the CompactFlash Association. It is slightly bigger in physical size than a standard SD card but can offer extremely fast read/write speeds.

    James Banfield from Nikon UK told TechRadar that there had been lots of interest around the new card format, “We have had lots of questions about it, but as soon as people see it in action, those questions stop,” he said. “It’s always challenging introducing a new format of card.”

    Asked if limited availability worried Nikon, Banfield said, “It doesn’t actually exist yet, but the Compact Flash Association has already said that it’s the future, so we will see it going forward.”

    For more details on the XQD memory format, read the full interview at our sister website TechRadar.

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