How to use the viewfinder on your Nikon DSLR

    By | Nikon DSLR Tips | Tutorials | 14/04/2012 08:00am

    Your digital camera’s viewfinder is a treasure trove of information. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult finding all of the information in that tiny little space, which is ever so crucial to getting a good image. Once you learn how to use a viewfinder you’ll find that composing, exposing and focusing soon become second nature.

    In the latest of our photography cheat sheet series of free infographics in conjunction with our friends at Digital Camera World, we have put together this easy guide for learning how to use a viewfinder.

    Simply drag and drop this free illustrated guide on to your desktop and keep it for a handy reference!

    DSLR Tips: how to use a viewfinder


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