Nikon to launch line of cosmetics?

    By | News | 21/05/2012 10:32am

    Nikon to manufacture cosmetics?Image courtesy of Shutterstock

    Here’s a story we couldn’t make up: Nikon might soon branch out into cosmetics.

    The company posted an odd press release on its US website stating that its board of directors have proposed amendments to Nikon’s Articles of Incorporation, expanding the company’s business activities to include the “manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, quasi-pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.”

    The image below is a screen grab from the press release on Nikon’s website.

    Screen grab of Nikon press release

    We checked the date, and it’s not April 1st, which leaves the Nikon announcement somewhat baffling. However, PetaPixel cites a report from Nikon Rumors, reminding that Fujifilm made a similar announcement in December 2011, claiming it planned to launch skincare products to the European market early this year.

    Perhaps Nikon is planning a similar move? And we wonder how long before Canon announces its line of Shea butter moisturizing cream…


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