Nikon vs Canon: shooting modes compared

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    You may be a Nikon loyalist, butlet’s be honest: you’ve probably wondered what the other big camera manufacturer has on offer, haven’t you?

    We certainly have, so we decided to start with the top dial. In our latest photography cheat sheet, we looked at the shooting modes on offer from two of the most popular DSLRs on the market: the Nikon D3100 and the Canon EOS 550D.

    In the infographic below we’ve broken down each abbreviation and icon from each camera’s top dial and explain what they mean. Feel free to drag and drop this on to your desktop to save for later. Maybe you’ll think about switching brands!

    If you liked this cheat sheet, you might find some of our others useful, such as What is Live View telling you and our illustrated guide to how to read a histogram.

    Canon vs Nikon shooting modes: free photography cheat sheet


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