3 ways to hold a camera steady without a tripod

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    As we have learned in yesterday’s post about rules for photography at the Olympics, photographers visiting the Games will not be able to bring tripods into events.

    While this may disappoint many photographers, there are often many situations in which we’re forced to shoot without tripods. With some practice, there are ways to hold a camera steady when a tripod isn’t an option so you can get sharp pictures.

    Here are our three favourite methods to hold a camera steady.

    3 ways to hold a camera steady without a tripod

    1. Lean on me

    Find something solid, like a wall 
or post, that can improve your balance. Increase your ISO setting to get a slightly faster shutter speed, which should be roughly equivalent to the focal length of your lens for your picture to be sharp handheld – for example, 1/200 sec at 200mm.

    3 ways to hold a camera steady without a tripod: adjust your posture

    2. Adjust your posture

    Pull your elbows tightly into your sides. Next, cup one hand just under your lens, and with your other hand brace the side of the camera. You should be able to use your index finger on the hand bracing the side to press the shutter-release button.

    3 ways to hold a camera steady without a tripod: wrap your camera around you

    3. Become a wrap artist

    Try wrapping your camera strap several times around your wrist or arm. This keeps your camera close and secure. For the more daring, you can also wrap it around your neck and hold your camera against your face with your eye to the viewfinder.


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