Nikon DR-6, DR-5: how to use your right angle viewfinder

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    Nikon DR-6, DR-5: how to use your right angle viewfinder

    The Nikon D5100′s articulating LCD screen enables you to take shots at low angles with ease, but you can do the same with any Nikon DSLR using a right-angle finder. Current Nikon DSLRs use one of two models: the Nikon DR-5 and the Nikon DR-6.

    They’re identical except for the viewfinder fitting. The DR-5 uses a circular, screw-in adaptor and fits Nikon’s professional models. The Nikon DR-6 has a square, slide-on fitting that attaches to the smaller models.

    To fit one, you first need to adjust the dioptre to bring the viewfinder image into focus. After that, it’s just like looking through the viewfinder directly. These right-angle finders use high-quality optics so the image is bright, clear and crisp, and you can still see the shooting information.

    Who needs them?

    Right-angle finders are ideal for close-up photography where it may be hard to get down to the right level, and if you need to focus accurately, you can flick the 1x/2x switch on the base to double the viewfinder magnification.

    Of course, they’re also invaluable in any situation where the back of the camera is so close to an obstacle that you can’t get behind it.

    You don’t have to look down from above, either. You can rotate these right-angle finders through a full 360 degrees, and the image remains correctly orientated throughout.

    The Nikon DR-5 and DR-6 aren’t particularly cheap (the Nikon DR-6 costs £200/$200), and there are more affordable third-party alternatives available, made by companies such as Seagull and Opteka.

    But the Nikon versions are built to a very high physical and optical standard and match the high-quality feel of the cameras they’re attached to.

    How to improve your viewpoint

    How to use your Nikon right angle viewfinder: step 1

    01 Fit the DR-5
    The D3s and Nikon’s other professional models use the DR-5 right-angle finder. To attach it, the first thing you need to do is unscrew the existing eyepiece lens.


    How to use your Nikon right angle viewfinder: step 2

    02 Fit the DR-6
    This D3100 uses a rectangular fitting, and for this you need the DR-6 finder. First, though, you have to slide the existing eyepiece cover up and off the viewfinder.


    How to use your Nikon right angle viewfinder: step 3

    03 Adjust the angle
    There are detents at 90-degree angles, but in fact you can rotate the right-angle finder to any position you like and the image remains viewable throughout.


    How to use your Nikon right angle viewfinder: step 4

    04 Alter the magnification
    Here are the key controls. The dioptre adjustment is made using the circular ring on the shaft, while the magnification is adjusted using the 1x/2x switch on the base.


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