6 top photo jackets and vests tested and rated

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    Photo jackets, vests and harness systems provide comfort and instant access to your gear. We’ve found 6 of the top photo vests and jackets on the market and put them to the test.

    6 top photo jackets and vests tested and rated

    Back row, from left to right

    Matin Photographer’s Vest

    Price: £60
    Buy: www.cameraclean.co.uk
    This vest weighs next to nothing when there’s no kit stashed into its many pockets. It’s well stitched together and feels robust, with Teflon coating to increase water-resistance. It’s a very good buy at this knock-down price.

    SCORE: 4/5

    Lowepro S+F Technical Vest

    Price: £100
    Buy: www.lowepro.com
    This modular system needs to be used with one of Lowepro’s S+F belts, which start at around £45. You can fit any of Lowepro’s utility bags, pouches, filter holders and so on to the vest. It works well, but can prove pricey.

    SCORE: 3/5

    Billingham Photo Vest

    Price: £190
    Buy: www.billingham.co.uk
    Created with Billingham’s high quality of craftsmanship, this vest has ten pockets on the outside and lots more on the inside, some deep enough for items 60cm long. The pocket layout is symmetrical, to balance the load.

    SCORE: 4/5

    Front row, from left to right

    Domke PhoTOGS Vest

    Price: £110
    Buy: www.domkebags.co.uk
    Plenty of mesh areas around the chest and upper back improve ventilation. The varied pockets built into the front have Velcro fastening tabs, and there are two pockets at the back. It’s very comfortable, but doesn’t give much protection against the elements.

    SCORE: 4/5

    Stealth Gear Extreme Urban Photographer’s Jacket/Vest

    Price: £230
    Buy: www.stealth-gear.com
    This superb waterproof jacket converts into a vest with a tug on the sleeve zips. There’s a mesh face mask plus two detachable hoods. It has lots of pockets, and the jacket’s back even has a pull-out sheet for sitting on.

    SCORE: 5/5

    Vanguard ICS Vest

    Price: £65
    Buy: www.vanguardworld.co.uk
    Vanguard’s harness system works in the same way as the Lowepro S+F and is best used with the ICS belt, which costs £35. Additional bags are available for camera bodies, lenses and flashguns. The range isn’t as extensive as Lowepro’s, but prices are a little cheaper.

    SCORE: 3/5


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