Top 10 Christmas Stocking Fillers for Photography Fans

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     Ellie Melling rounds up brilliant present ideas and alternative stocking fillers for the Nikonian who has everything.

    Struggling to find perfect presents for the camera lovers on your Christmas list? We’ve done the hard work for you! Here are our favourite fun stocking fillers and alternative gifts at great prices that are guaranteed to please.


    1. The f/60 Lens Kitchen Timer

    A kitchen timer disguised as a zoom lens. Twist the handgrip to start the countdown – no batteries are required. With a classic bell sound, this timer is ideal for kitchen use and for anything that takes an hour or less – you could even use it to help you film time lapse movies. Perfect for camera fanatics and chefs alike.

    2. Photorito Lens Wrap

    This protective lens wrap designed to look like a burrito is a fun and effective way of keeping your lenses safe. Wrap your lens in the padded sleeve and a built in band will hold your lens in place. With this wrap, there’s no need to carry big camera bags around – but you may need to pack snacks to stop it making you hungry…

    3. Camera Lens Wristbands
    £9.30 each

    These wristbands are a perfect way of showing your love for photography and cameras. The soft silicone bracelet is a replica of lens focusing rings, all down to the fine details, from the 50mm and AF/MF switch to the lens ridges. One size fits all, and you can choose which focal length suits you best.

    4. Holiday Sparkly White Camera Strap

    Available in many different designs, these colourful camera straps are a perfect addition to any photographer’s kit. You can choose to have a longer 40 inch strap, or if you can’t decide, go for the 50 inch adjustable. You can also change the way your camera hangs by adding a spinning tripod mount.

    5. SLR Bokeh Kit
    £16.32 for nine pre-cut apertures or £8.14 for ten blank apertures

    You need a LensBaby lens for these, but if you’ve got one kicking around in your lens bag these are a great little accessory. The shapes in these pre-cut aperture disks will appear anywhere that there is light out of focus. You can also buy blank aperture disks so that you can create your own shape or pattern.

    6. Nikon Camera USB Drive

    Carry a Nikon in your pocket with this USB, which is shaped like a tiny D-SLR and weighs only 55g. It works without an extra power supply and an LED indicator shows you activity display. It’s available to buy as 2GB, 4GB or 8GB USB flash memory. It works with Mac OS 9 or higher, Linux 2.4 or higher, Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000/XP.

    7. The Shot Glass Lens Set
    £11.15 for a set of three

    This set of three shot glasses is perfect down to the very last detail. The ‘lenses’ have tiny raised numbers, focus-ring ridges and a minuscule auto/manual focus switch. The solid ceramic feels sturdy and can be used not only for parties but also for storing little everyday things on your desk such as memory cards, staples or or paperclips.

    8. Camera Lens Mug

    Similar to the lens shot glasses and kitchen timer, this camera lens mug has detailed dials and measurements. This large holder is hollowed out and lined with plastic, which makes it perfect for a hot cup of tea. It also comes complete with a ‘lens cap’ to make sure your beverage stays hot, and doesn’t spill when on the move.

    9. Benro MeFoto coloured Travel Tripod Kit

    Available in five different colours: blue, red, green, gold and titaniun. This is the most expensive item on our gift lift, but for a little bit extra these fun coloured tripods are a great gift idea for a super-stylish Nikonion. The legs can be folded back 180 degrees, making these lightweight tripods super small and easy to carry when you’re on the move, though they can still support up to 8.8lb.

    10. Coloured Lens filters
    £14.00 each

    Filters come in many different colours and effects and offer endless creative scope. Not sure where to start? Pick your favourite and get experimenting! Orange, for example, will darken skies, accentuate clouds and bring out architectural details.

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