Nikon D7100 vs D300s: how do these cameras compare?

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    The Nikon D7100 brings amazing specifications, so where does that leave the Nikon D300s? And is the D7100 the D400 that many sports and wildlife photographers have been waiting for? Find out with our Nikon D7100 vs D300s comparison.

    It was way back in July 2009 that Nikon launched the D300s, and yet it’s still on sale today, albeit with what Nikon now calls ‘limited distribution’. It has just 12 million pixels, yet it still costs as much as the brand new D7100, which has double its resolution.

    So can Nikon’s last professional DX format DSLR really compete with the D7100? Here’s a comparison that looks at the bigger picture, because the specifications alone don’t tell the whole story…

    Nikon D7100 vs D300s comparison: key points to know (1-2)

    1. Sensor: 24MP vs 12MP

    This is the single biggest issue with the D300s. It uses a 12-megapixel sensor two generations older than the D7100’s 24-megapixel sensor. At one time Nikon maintained that 12 megapixels was ‘enough’ for a digital SLR, but whether it is or not, the world has moved on, together with sensor technology and the expectations of camera users. The D7100 has twice the resolution of the D300s, and you’d have to find some pretty strong qualities in the D300s to overlook that.

    2. Chassis: Plastic vs metal

    And here’s one of those strong qualities. The D7100 has magnesium alloy top and back plates on a plastic chassis, like the D7000 before it, but the D300s is all-alloy. The D7100 is designed as a rugged, go-anywhere camera for adventurous enthusiasts (it also has weather sealing), but the D300s is a full-on professional Nikon body, designed to withstand the same use and abuse as Nikon’s full-frame pro bodies.

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