Nikon Firmware Updates: Is your Nikon DSLR up to date?

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    Your camera’s ‘firmware’ is the equivalent of the operating system on your computer. It controls the camera’s functions and its behaviour, and from time to time Nikon will release a firmware update to fix any issues or improve performance in certain areas.

    Firmware updates are free, and you can download them yourself from the Support section of the Nikon website. It’s essential to follow the installation instructions to the letter, though, since any changes are permanent and mistakes can only be fixed by a proper Nikon service department. Updates are free to download and are installed via a memory card.

    Our table below shows Nikon’s most recent list of firmware updates (following new updates for the Nikon D800 and D600 introduced at the beginning of April 2013). Does your Nikon DSLR need updating? Then follow our three simple steps and you can upgrade your camera in no time!



    Nikon Firmware table

    01 Do you need an update?

    You can find out the current firmware version by opening the camera’s Setup menu and scrolling right down to the bottom. Compare the version displayed here with our table.

    02 Download the update

    Go to the Nikon website’s Support section, then type your camera model and ‘firmware’ into the search box, for example ‘D7000 firmware’. Any firmware updates should now appear, but before you download them you should check the details to see if it’s worth upgrading – many updates are comparatively minor, or may involve features you don’t use.

    03 Install the update

    Make sure you follow the instructions exactly. Typically, firmware updates are installed by first copying an update file onto a memory card, inserting the card in the camera and then launching the update from Firmware version menu option.


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