Nikon hack removes video recording time limit

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    The recording time of DSLRs has always been capped at 30 minutes. Although many might think that this is due to the limitations of the software or hardware, it is in fact due to a regulatory requirement which classifies devices that record over 30 minutes of video as Camcorders, which in turn increases their custom duty rates.

    The Nikon Hacker team have managed to overcome this restriction on the Nikon D5100 (and also the D3100 and D7000) by hacking the software.

    If you’re really keen to remove the video recording limitation on your Nikon DSLR (providing it is one of the models listed above), you can do so by doing the following the instructions given by the Nikon Hackers team:

    1. Download the D5100/D3100/D7000 firmware

    2. Use the web-browser cross platform patch tool

    3. Copy the resulting output to your SD card and remove the “.patched” extension

    4. Upgrade the firmware from the D5100 menu, as per the normal Nikon instructions

    A word of warning however: if you try this, please be aware that it could damage your camera, so do not do this unless you are willing to take the risk.

    You can join the discussion on Nikon hacks in the Nikon Hacker forum.

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