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    Street sports photography with the Nikon D5200

    By | Nikon Photos, Videos | 27/09/2013 17:03pm
    Tom Van Shelven, Skateboarding, 4th shot FINAL.sml

    Want to take urban action shots as slick as these? You don’t need fancy kit, as three pro photographers explain in this street sports video from Nikon

    Tom Van Schelven, Claudiu Voici and Olly Burn reveal what’s in their kit bag and why they rely on a D5200 for dynamic parkour, freestyle football and skateboarding images.

    Nikon D600: manual aperture control for video finally explained

    By | Videos | 15/11/2012 15:31pm
    Nikon D600 revealed: world's smallest, lightest full-frame DSLR

    We get to the bottom of how to use the Nikon D600 manual aperture control function while recording video, which has been riling video makers since it launched.

    Nikon J2 Video: what’s new in the latest Nikon 1 camera

    By | Videos | 05/09/2012 05:00am
    Nikon J2 Video: what's new in the latest Nikon 1 camera

    We take a closer look at the new features on the Nikon J2, the latest addition to the Nikon 1 range of cameras.

    The best short films shot on Nikon DSLRs

    By | News, Videos | 21/07/2012 12:00pm
    Top 5 Nikon short films |

    Although a number of Nikon DSLRs have video recording capabilities, we understand that many of you would rather shoot still images rather than moving pictures. However, as we’ve often stumbled across some absolutely beautiful short films shot using Nikon DSLRs, we decided to put together a post featuring five of the best Nikon films.

    Behind the scenes video: Nikon photographer Benjamin Von Wong’s Paralymic photoshoot

    By | Videos | 07/07/2012 08:00am
    Behind the scenes video: Nikon photographer Benjamin Von Wong's Paralymic photoshoot

    In this video, photographer Benjamin Von Wong gives a detailed breakdown on how he went about his photoshoot with Olympic Paradressage Rider, Natasha Baker.

    Why a cheap flash gun is the perfect accessory for your Nikon DSLR

    By | Videos | 29/06/2012 12:00pm
    Why a cheap flash gun is the perfect accessory for your Nikon DSLR

    The Yongnuo YN560-II is a cheap flash gun, and it’s also the perfect camera accessory, argues Ali from our testing team. Watch our short video demonstration to find out why.

    Nikon D3200 vs D5100: how do they compare

    By | Videos | 21/06/2012 07:00am
    Nikon D3200 unveiled

    Yesterday we shared video comparison of two leading Nikon DSLRs, the Nikon D3200 vs D3100, and discussed some of the key differences between these two entry-level DSLRs in the Nikon range. Given the Nikon D3200′s impressive specs we thought we would take this idea step further – quite literally – and compare the D3200 to another popular camera a little bit higher in the manufacturer’s line-up with a Nikon D3200 vs D5100 comparison.

    Nikon D3200 vs D3100: how do they compare

    By | Videos | 20/06/2012 09:17am
    Nikon D3200 review

    Announced in April, the Nikon D3200 became the latest addition to Nikon’s DSLR range after refreshing the top end of its line-up at the start of the year with the Nikon D800 and Nikon D4. Bolstering the manufacturer’s beginner range, the Nikon D3200 was launched not to replace the ever-popular Nikon D3100; rather, it will sit along side the D3100 as a more premium option. Which begs the question… when you make a comparison of the Nikon D3200 vs D3100, which is the better camera for your money?

    Video: Nikon D3200 Guide Mode explained

    By | Videos | 01/05/2012 13:18pm
    Nikon D3200 unveiled

    Announced just a couple weeks ago, the Nikon D3200 has already been hailed as the ultimate beginners camera, thanks to its 24.2-megapixel resolution and range of features.

    Chief among these features is the Nikon D3200′s Guide Mode, which might not be an entirely new feature, but Nikon has been keen to point out the improvements made to both the interface and navigation over previous versions.

    In the video inside, our head of testing, Angela Nicholson, takes a look at how the Nikon D3200 Guide Mode works and the benefits it provides through its step by step camera settings for those new to photography.

    Make a stop-motion movie with your Nikon DSLR and Photoshop

    By | Videos | 08/04/2012 09:00am
    Make a stop-motion movie with your Nikon DSLR

    You don’t need a movie mode function on your digital camera to make a motion picture. In fact, you don’t even need additional movie-editing software, such as Adobe Premiere. For this simple photography project we’ll show you how to use nothing more than your digital camera and Photoshop CS to put together a simple stop-motion animation sequence, then save it as a QuickTime movie. And seeing as today is Easter, we thought what better subject than to melt a chocolate Easter Bunny!

    Using the basic principles of animation, we’ll take a series of images using our DSLR’s Interval Timer set to take a shot automatically every seven seconds, while the chocolate bunny is slowly melted by a hair dryer.